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Can Water Damage Lead to Bigger Issues?

You can risk severe damage to your home’s interior from an unkept leaky roof. When it’s intended to last for 20 to 30 years on average, it’s important to repair storm damages and stay up to date with maintenance.

Structural Damage from a Roof Leak

Signs of harm can result fast from a leaking roof. Water intrusion might be noticeable in damaged rafters and ceiling joists. Sheetrock walls and ceilings can show damage via sight or touch. Water leaks in the attic can rot rafters that assist the roof load.

These sorts of water damages will require upkeep by a professional roofing service. Insulation can become saturated on the inside of the interior and will have to be replaced.

Ceilings will develop dark spots with the stipple plaster falling off and interior paneling may bulge from water leakage inside the wall leading to mildew. Floor coverings can separate from water leakage. The floor joist can become saturated with water from leaks associated with a roof. They can cause rot, because of this the floor could buckle in where water has accumulated.

Health Problems from Water Damage

Mold and mildew growth are two issues that can develop from water leaking into your home. Over time, it can cause members of your family to experience health problems. Mold can spread throughout the entire interior and can eventually get into the carpet and furniture of your home.

Black mold can also develop from water leaks over time. It can spread on walls and ceilings, and the costs involved to eliminate the problem can be expensive the longer a homeowner waits.

Both can cause severe inflammation and asthma. You can avoid exposing family members to health risks that may arise from underkept roof maintenance. Take action by eliminating the source that causes water leakage quickly.

Preventing Roof Problems

Keep your gutters clean to prevent water from backing up the system. Remove litter from your roof such as fallen limbs and leaves. Inspect your home’s roofing structure for loose shingles that may need replacement.

Apply sealant around skylights and any other areas exposed above the roofline. This helps seal water from leaking into the attic of your home. Always check the exterior siding of your home to inspect for water damage.

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