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How to Know if Your Roof Needs to be Replaced

Sometimes it can be hard to figure out if your roof needs to be replaced or not. No one is actually climbing on their roof and looking for signs their roof needs to be replaced on a regular basis. But for some homeowners, the evidence is very obvious. Maybe your roof is very old or maybe it’s rotted and leaking.

If your roof looks old and worn out and there are visible signs of wear and tear, this is a sign that your roof needs to be replaced.

If your shingles are curled up along the edged or the tabs are cupped, this is also a sign of wear and tear and a tell-tale sign your roof is in need of replacement.

If your roof is 20 years old or more, you probably need a replacement. Shingles were made with durability in mind and were made to withstand harsh weather for years, however, there are always additional factors to take into consideration. For instance, if it has not been properly ventilated, then that can have an impact on how long your shingles will last.

Are your neighbors replacing their roofs? While this may seem like an odd way to judge whether or not your roof needs replacement, it’s important to realize if your house was built in the same time frame, it has gone through the same weather patterns. So, if you’re neighbor’s roof has outlived its lifespan, it’s time to look into replacing yours as well.

Another visible sign you need to replace your roof is moss. Moss can grow in spots on your roof that don’t get much sun. This is especially true for cool and moist climates. While this may seem more like an aesthetic problem, moss holds a dampness that can cause damage to the tops of the shingles over time.

At Dardanoi Roofing Group, we’ll help you figure out whether your roof needs to be replaced or if it still has some time left. We’re dedicated to helping the Ontario, Ottawa community with all their roofing needs.