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What You Need To Know About Metal Roofs

Metal roofs have long been used on business properties, however their recognition in residential use is increasingly growing. While they’re not storm proof, metallic roof structures are resistant and strong. A current residential metallic roof is less vulnerable to damage from water, hail, wind, fire, and lightning.


With the risks of wildfires, a metal roof will show to be a very good investment. Metal roofs are the most fire-safe of all types of roofing materials.

Unlike petroleum-primarily based asphalt shingles and wooden shake, metal is commonly noncombustible and offers your property a excessive degree of fire protection. Metal roofs deliver a Class A fire-resistant rating, the very best possible.


Strong winds can show up anywhere, however when an extreme windstorm hits an area, many house owners are left with some degree of roof damage. Metal is a really durable roofing answer which delivers amazing protection from strong winds. They can face gusts of wind of up to 140 mph.

Metal roofing systems consist of huge interlocking panels which resist uplift, caused by excessive winds.


Contrary to popular belief, metal roofs do not increase the risk of lightning strikes. Lightning seeks a direct course to ground, and is the reason why telephone poles and bushes attract lightning. Metal roofs are structural components not using a direct route to ground.

If metallic roofing happens to get struck by using lightning, it provides higher safety than conventional roofing materials as it competently disperses the energy. Since metal is fireproof, a strike is much less likely to start a fire.


Hail can break, tear-off, and split traditional roofing materials, resulting in hefty repair and alternative costs. It could take a huge piece of hail to cause such issues to a metal roofing system. Metal roofs are tough and strong enough to withstand great hail damage. In a completely excessive storm, there’s the threat of hail inflicting dents and punctures at the surface, but the damage is significantly much less than with different types. It’s also simpler to detect damage and have it repaired right away.


Metal roofing can prevent water damage. Due to the interlocking panels, metal roofing systems have fewer entry factors of water and they are additionally not liable to uplift. Snow and ice slide off without problems considering the fact that metal conducts warmth from the sun. This saves your home’s structure from extra weight and additionally reduces the risk of harm from melting snow.

Have a Professional Roofer Install Your Metal Roof

Installing a metal roof is a complicated process with a lot of details to follow. Although metallic roofs are strong, proof against harsh elements, and long-lasting, complications arising from improper installation will reduce their effectiveness and lifespan.

It’s important to work with a contractor who's skilled with metallic roofing. As your trusted roof contractor in the Ottawa area, you can expect the crew at Dardanoi Group to get the installation done properly the first time. Contact us today to learn more about our services!